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List of 3 Best Email Marketing Services For Business

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List of 3 Best Email Marketing Services For Business
List of 3 Best Email Marketing Services For Business

Surau.co – The Best Email marketing service is one of the marketing campaigns carried out using various applications and services, and email marketing is one of them.

By choosing the best and right Email marketing Service tools, the performance of the marketing campaigns created will have a very significant impact.

In this discussion, we will discuss the Best Email marketing services that will help you in carrying out marketing campaigns.

What is an Email Marketing Service Tool?

Simply put, Email marketing services are applications or software that will facilitate the marketing campaigns that you are currently doing. By using an email marketing service, you can manage and control the connection that is created between you and your audience via email.

The more email lists you have, the easier it will be for you to send thousands of messages every day. Now, by choosing the right email marketing application, the process of sending electronic mail is even easier so that your company’s productivity will be maintained.

Most Email marketing Services application software will also provide insights or performance information on the marketing emails sent. For example, the app will track who has opened the email and clicked on the link included in it.

That way, you can get an idea of ​​how your email campaigns are performing, and then modify, complement, and update them to make them more effective.

Why Should You Use the Email Marketing Services app?

Based on the facts shown by Marketing Charts, 82% of marketers (marketers) in the world say that email is their main strategy to increase leads and number of conversions.

This saying doesn’t make other strategies any less important, but instead emphasizes that Email marketing services also offer more opportunities.

When compared to other marketing strategies, email has proven to be cost-effective and provides satisfactory results in terms of returns on investment.

In addition, you will find it easy to group and deliver content that has been personalized according to the likes or interests of your audience. Communication between you and them is getting closer, and also you can maintain and cultivate customer trust in your brand.

As previously mentioned, Email marketing services provide a golden opportunity and opportunity for marketing your business. However, with so many choices, people are still confused about which tool to use.

Before discussing further about email service applications, we recommend that you also understand the needs and targets that you will be targeting. Because if your business is growing, you need an email server with a large capacity, security features to avoid spamming, an email account for each employee, etc.

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Best Email Marketing Service Apps

Apart from MailChimp, MailerLite, and SendInBlue which have free versions, most of the software on this list offer paid plans. However, there is a free trial service for those of you who want to try the paid software first before deciding to subscribe.

For those who live in the European Union, you don’t have to worry about the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). All of the email marketing service providers below are GDPR compliant.

1. MailChimp

MailChimp is the best email marketing service provider used by millions of businesses and even companies to send emails every day.

Proudly, this free email blast sending application introduces itself as a think-tank. You’ll gain insights based on your campaign data and receive specific suggestions or tips on what to do next.

The free version lasts forever and you’ll get the basic features with the MailChimp brand name printed on the email.

For the free version, you can create an email list of up to 2,000 subscribers and send 12,000 emails per month. You’ll also get access to tutorials on a variety of topics to successfully execute your campaign strategy.

Apart from email campaigns, you can also implement other marketing strategies to achieve your goals. These strategies can take the form of landing pages, pop-up forms, and postcards.

Not only that, you can also create Google remarketing, Facebook, and Instagram ads in no time.

MailChimp Email marketing service comes with various auto setup features. Build a connection between you and your audience by sending automated welcome messages.

There is also automated data-driven email that, for example, will send messages to audiences on their special day.

If you connect your online store with MailChimp, you will get automated features that will increase your sales. Keep the connection between you and your clients or customers by sharing the latest product information.

Email marketing service MailChimp has an abandoned cart email feature that will remind customers that products are still in their online shopping cart (cart). With this tool, you can also send order notification emails and product recommendations, which are tailored to the product data that customers prefer.

Earn customer trust by creating and sending follow-up emails and re-engagement emails (emails that rebuild client/customer engagement with your brand). Through this email, you can request feedback or re-engage clients who are inactive or no longer ‘seeing’ your brand.

Use audience and customer data to optimize your marketing campaigns. However, if you choose the free plan, you only get basic segmentation features, reports, and A/B testing.

The segmentation feature will send emails to the right people. You can target subscribers who have recently joined or an audience that has never purchased anything from your online store.

MailChimp Email marketing service also provides reports or reports based on online customer/visitor data so you can make smarter marketing decisions. In this data, you’ll find information to update and improve your next campaign, monitor trends, and track overall performance.

With an A/B test, you can find out which campaign is delivering better results. Set the final destination and review the email types that get the most clicks and get the most views and reads.

2. Constant Contact

Constant Contact is one of the Best Email marketing Service apps that has been around for 20 years. This software only offers premium, email (basic), email plus (advanced) packages with a free trial period of 30 days.

Besides being easy to use, Constant Contact Email marketing service is also here to help businesses and non-profit organizations in carrying out this marketing strategy.

With its drag-and-drop editor, you can easily create and customize email templates to make them more responsive when people open and read them on mobile devices.

Constant Contact also provides a powerful list-building tool. With this tool, you can group contacts, then send relevant emails based on that data. Not only that, this tool will also automatically resend emails that have not been opened by contacts.

If you have an online store, Constant Contact is the Best Email marketing Service tool and deserves to be relied on. Encourage customers to keep an eye on your online store by sending emails with product or service recommendations they might be interested in.

Group subscribers into even smaller lists and send emails based on predefined criteria.

Build customer trust and loyalty by providing attractive rewards through the use of email, such as vouchers or special discount codes.

This bulk emailing app also offers easy contact management. Automatically import contact lists from Outlook, Eventbrite, Salesforces, and other services. Constant Contact’s Email marketing service will also update customer data for unsubscribers, bounces, and inactive emails.

With Constant Contact, you can track the results of your marketing campaigns in real-time or on the spot. For example, you’ll get a report for the emails with the most clicked and read subject lines.

Later you will receive detailed information of each campaign. Constant Contact then provides suggestions or tips to improve email clicks and openings, delivery rates (deliverability rates), and reduce spam reports.

Choose the email plus plan so you get more features to understand and understand contact behavior. You can even create and email surveys and polls, donation calls, and events or events that are integrated with Eventbrite.

Increase engagement between you and your audience with the auto-adjustment feature. Create a welcome message for new subscribers and send serial emails. For serialized emails, you can create one from scratch or use an existing template.

There is also a marketplace that makes it easy for you to connect or integrate with more than 400 third-party services. There are also professional services ready to help you get used to using Constant Contact Email marketing services.

3. GetResponse

GetResponse is the Best Email marketing Service provider that promises a delivery rate of 99% and offers an all-in-one marketing tool. This software also has a 30 day free trial.

GetRespons comes with a drag-and-drop template editor to design and customize the appearance of newsletters, landing pages, and other marketing elements. There are 500 pre-designed and easy-to-customize predefined templates. For the image warehouse itself, this software works in collaboration with Shutterstock and presents 5000 licensed images that can be found in the gallery.

To share blog posts, bloggers can use 30 perfectly designed RSS-to-email templates.

This Email marketing service has automation and autoresponder features that you can use to create and send email series every day or week. With the right time setting, email delivery is more optimal because it is adjusted to the time of domicile of the contact.

Gather detailed information through the subscription process and select a tag for each contact. Send more special (personalized) and relevant messages based on their preferences.

Give a value or score to the contact based on predetermined criteria. With this score, you can track and rate your customers to gain insight into their activity.

GetResponse is the first mass mailing app to provide a webinar marketing solution. Schedule webinars, activate the registration or registration feature, and gather new contacts. Regarding security, GetResponse uses SSL encryption to ensure the security of online conferences.

During the webinar or conference, invite participants to actively discuss and provide feedback. Use chat, polling, screen sharing, and whiteboard features. You can even embed videos from YouTube in webinars.

To save and share a video of a webinar event, record it during the session and store it in free online storage.

GetResponse Email marketing service also has Customer Relationship Management (CRM) which will give you a deeper understanding of the relationships and interactions that exist between you and your customers. Integrate CRM with automated setup features and send serialized emails with targeted messages.

To review campaign reports and find out activity and contact patterns, GetResponse has intuitive email analytics.

If you want to know more about marketing strategies through this Email marketing service, this tool has tons of guides and tips on the official website, including free online courses, technical articles, and much more. Good luck!

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