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Email Marketing Linkedin, Understanding, How To Use Up To 4 Powerful Strategies For You

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Email Marketing Linkedin, Understanding, How To Use Up To 4 Powerful Strategies For You
Email Marketing Linkedin, Understanding, How To Use Up To 4 Powerful Strategies For You

Surau.co – Email marketing Linkedin may be one way for you to market and grow your business. Apart from the many benefits that can be obtained, it is also easy to use and of course very friendly.

For this reason, below, we will review the meaning of email marketing Linkedin, how to use it to what are the most accurate strategies so that the business we manage is increasing and advancing.

What is Linkedin?

Linkedin is the world’s first professional platform. It has more than 810 million users, which makes this platform very popular. Know that this platform is for employees, employers, recruiters, those looking for jobs in various fields. On LinkedIn, you can do almost anything:

  • Search
  • Gain visibility and fame
  • Meet professionals in your sector
  • Promote your product or service
  • Develop your network and career

This platform will allow you to connect with members, share content and increase your brand awareness. Of course, this is a professional network.

Your LinkedIn page is more than just a resume. If you are looking for a job, this page will serve as your storefront. So, you could say that it’s in your best interest to focus on it.

If you are not looking for a job, this platform will allow you to find your prospects or just show your area of ​​expertise and thus make you credible if you want to sell your services.

Then what about LinkedIn marketing?

Now that we have looked at the two definitions of two different words, we are going to explain what email marketing Linkedin, Simply put, LinkedIn marketing consists of:

  • Create a connection (so you will have a new connection)
  • Improve your brand to sell products or services
  • Manage partnerships
  • Share content (especially through the power of copywriting)
  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Get new leads

If you want to have the best marketing strategy you have to incorporate LinkedIn into your efforts.

Why is email marketing Linkedin important?

We don’t always think of LinkedIn in terms of marketing. Of course, we also use Facebook and Instagram to do sponsored posts, but the professional network has a lot to offer you. However, did you know that LinkedIn is more effective at generating leads than Facebook? This is because LinkedIn is a platform based on trust.

Most people come to Linkedin and trust Linkedin (it’s also one of the most trusted platforms in the world) because when you open someone’s profile, they see a real person, not an entity.

So when we look at the profile of someone who wants to sell us a product, we can see their connections (are they related to someone they know?), their different messages and the way they express themselves online. You can determine whether he is really experienced in his field or not.

Plus, you don’t have any barriers on LinkedIn, meaning you can talk directly to the person in charge of the product or the decision maker.

This is one of the advantages when you use email marketing Linkedin. That’s why you should do marketing on LinkedIn. Compared to the social networks we already know, your chances of converting are very small.

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Marketing on LinkedIn

Email marketing Linkedin includes many parameters but that is by no means difficult to implement, email marketing LinkedIn should consider the following:

  • Create a new relationship
  • Share your ideas and topics in the form of posts with the aim of promoting your brand
  • Participate in LinkedIn group exchanges to potentially gain new leads
  • Participate in LinkedIn group exchanges to potentially get new leads
  • Set up partnerships with players in your industry

Through a well-honed marketing strategy, you can get started on email mareketing Linkedin. By the way, a well thought out strategy starts with building a persona.

Email marketing Linkedin strategy

With everything we’ve seen in this article, you may be wondering what strategies you can implement on LinkedIn to increase your sales.

Once you have a goal in mind your personality and your means of communication (including LinkedIn of course), we’ll finally know how to put it into practice. For an effective strategy on LinkedIn, you need to:

A clear idea of ​​your goal such as:

  • A good buyer
  • Get more visibility with customers
  • Get more visibility with customers
  • Generate more leads
  • Build community
  • Increase your brand awareness
  • Select the topic you want to write about

Choose the type of content you want to share:

  • Text
  • Photo
  • Videos
  • Articles
  • Be organized
  • Use software that allows you to automate your prospecting (Waalaxy!)
  • Personalize your prospect’s invitations and messages

The bidding system isn’t for you yet and are you thinking about it? We can already start with some other techniques.

1. Create a company page

If you want to sell a product or service, you have two options:

  • Create your company page
  • Sell from your personal LinkedIn account

If you decide to build on your strategy by creating a page dedicated to your business, you should think about important elements such as:

  • Your company name
  • the URL
  • Fill in the website fields
  • Fill in company size
  • Field of activity
  • Post logos and banners
  • Fill in hashtags

You have the main elements that allow you to create pages. This one will allow you to gain visibility if you go the extra mile to feed it well. Don’t forget to share it with your network and add a call to action. You can also promote your page from your own personal account.

2. Attract your prospects with Inbound Marketing on LinkedIn

As mentioned earlier in this article, you can promote your products or services from your personal account. However, if you want to use your personal account to sell, it is advisable to delete the email marketing Linkedin accounts of coworkers, friends, and keep only those who fit your goals.

This will leave a LinkedIn account for your friends and colleagues, as well as a dedicated account just for your leads. Once you’ve done this, it’s time to think about your content strategy.

For information, you will be able to take advantage of the “private brand”. Of course, this didn’t just happen. To gain credibility, you must publish regularly.

3. Recommend and get recommendations

By using email marketing Linkedin, the more people will trust you, and the easier it will be for you to sell, and this is where LinkedIn recommendations come into play.

Indeed, if people in your network recognize your expertise, chances are that others will too. Recommendations give you credibility, but be careful you can’t do it the old fashioned way.

A referral may be given to you by someone you have worked with before or who has purchased a product or service (a customer). Of course, in order for you to receive referrals, you must also play the game of giving them. You should also know how to give before receiving email marketing Linkedin endorsements

Ok, you have recommended someone and you also want to be recommended for your different skill set. There are two scenarios:

You are new to this platform, so you should seek advice. You must first decide who to recommend and which skills to recommend. Once done, browse to the profile you are interested in, then click the “More” tab, then “Request Reference” and fill in the required fields.

The second scenario, you can start with little influence on LinkedIn Gaming, and because of that, recommendations will naturally come to you.

Of course email marketing linkedin is not the only way for your business to run, but at least by using email marketing linkedin, you will find it easier to find your business or business marketing goals and objectives.

That’s the explanation about email marketing Linkedin that you need to know, the success of your marketing goes back to each of you. good luck!

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