6 Email Marketing With Gmail, proven effective!

6 Email Marketing With Gmail, proven effective!
6 Email Marketing With Gmail, proven effective!

Surau.co – In digital marketing, an email marketing strategy is one strategy that is quite powerful in interacting or educating the audience or promoting your online business products.

Indeed, social media has brought traffic if you have a website. However, if you are observant, your email list is a very valuable database in your online business.

Unfortunately, there are some challenges with making sure the emails you send or email blasts reach the recipients.

One of the number one email providers, Google makes a kind of “organizer” in Gmail. In Gmail, you will see 3 categories in your email inbox. The categories are Primary (Primary), Social (Social), and Promotion (Promotion.

Sometimes your email blast will fall into the promotional category and end up not being read by the recipient because of Google’s algorithm. This is a challenge for marketers to implement their email marketing strategy.

One way for your email to be read is that the email you send must be in the main category of the recipient’s Inbox.

There are several email marketing strategies that you can use, to make your email blast or newsletter go to the recipient’s main Gmail inbox. Read on for the following article.

If you’re looking for a new ESP, Gmail might not be the first thing that comes to mind. This platform is intended primarily for personal email accounts, not for marketing purposes.

But if you know that email marketing with gmail is completely free, Gmail is very useful for small businesses that are ready to expand their product marketing. Check out these free email marketing tips with Gmail as your email service provider.

Email Marketing With Gmail

1. Setup Your Gmail Esp

Free tools like Gumbamail, a free Chrome extension, help you turn Gmail into an email marketing tool. This email marketing tool lets you schedule and send email campaigns to your subscribers without leaving Gmail.

Once you’ve installed this browser extension and BEE template for Gmail, you’ll be able to create beautifully designed bulk email campaigns on your Gmail account.

2. Create Your Email List

Build your email list with Google Contacts. In Google Contacts, select the address you want to include, then add it to a new or existing label.

When you’re done, send a Gmail message to everyone on your list using GMass. You can also use Google Sheets to create a mail merge in Gmail, or use a free email marketing tool like Yet Another Mail Merge, which retrieves addresses from Google Sheets and then tracks your email campaigns.

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3. Understand The Regulations

The GDPR, or General Data Protection Regulation, contains certain guidelines that email marketers should follow. For example, before you send a promotional email to someone, you must get their approval.

While some ESPs have built-in features to help you comply with these rules, Gmail doesn’t. This means that with Gmail bulk email, you need to verify that everyone on your mailing list has subscribed and hasn’t unsubscribed.

This will take time and effort, but it is an important task to complete.

4. Bulk Email Sending

Keep in mind that Gmail has a built-in sending limit that limits you to 500 emails in a 24-hour period (this applies whether you send to 500 recipients in one email or 500 separate emails each day).

Based on these email sending limits, Gmail is ideal for businesses with small email lists. Gmail’s free email capabilities are great for small businesses just starting out.

5. Consider

If you send a bulk email marketing from your personal email address – ending with @gmail.com – there is a high chance that the message will be marked as spam and never reach the recipient. Platforms like Gmail are strictly for personal use, not for marketing.

So make sure your return address includes the domain name. This looks more formal and increases the chances of the message reaching the recipient’s inbox.

6. Using The Beep Model

Gmail has one major drawback as an ESP: its design capabilities are non-existent. Add-ons or extensions are the only way to create beautiful HTML emails with Gmail.

Luckily, with BEE Templates for Gmail, you can send professionally designed emails straight to your Gmail account, and for free. To set up add-ons with your Gmail account, install the BEE template for Gmail from the Google Workspace Marketplace.