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10 Best Email Marketing Site For Your Business

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10 Best Email Marketing Site For Your Business
10 Best Email Marketing Site For Your Business

Surau.co – The best email marketing site may be one of the most powerful ways to increase sales of your business now, because by using the help of email marketing, of course, you will get many benefits later.

One of the most noticeable benefits is the increase in your business sales traffic, besides that, it will be easier for you to reach more visitors and of course you can set them according to your targets and desires.

Email marketing is one of the tools used in digital marketing. The main weapon of email marketing is unique and interesting marketing content. Of course, these digital marketing tools are effective in boosting business. But it must also be encouraged by creating digital online stores, such as websites, Instagram, and Facebook.

Reasons for Companies to Use Email Marketing

Generally, companies make complete strategies to increase sales figures through digital and conventional strategies. Some of the reasons companies rely more on marketing using email marketing provider sites are summarized as follows:

Email really works

In today’s era, the majority of people in the world have at least one email address. The goals are also different, for example, being a requirement to create social media accounts as a means of communication, to conducting online transactions.

In fact, 3.2 billion people worldwide choose to use email. Meanwhile, the intensity of sending emails reached 204.1 billion every day. Judging from these numbers can be said to be fantastic. The average business owner will not waste an opportunity through email marketing.

Low cost

Based on the right target case studies, per 1 dollar investment using the best email marketing sites, can generate profits of up to 44.25 dollars.

Of course, it’s much cheaper to advertise a business via email than it is to pay for advertising in print or television.

The reason is, the purpose of sending email marketing is not only to one account, but can reach hundreds to thousands of email accounts.

Targeted and personal

Creating a target email will certainly be more affordable, because you don’t have to bother doing “face to face”. With the best email marketing sites, of course, deliberately made to attract the attention of the target group, especially if the target is more to individuals.

In addition, it can also bring closer the relationship between sellers and buyers through business promotions.

Can be measured

The core advantage of the best email marketing sites is that they can track responses from email recipients. From here you can find out what are the advantages and disadvantages of digital marketing. So you can change your marketing strategy for the better.

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List of the best email marketing site

10. Reachmail

Reachmail is one of the best email marketing sites that has been around since 2001, it can be said as the best customer service provider because it has many advantages that it can be used for free and can send emails to 5,000 contacts for a total of 15,000 emails every month.

Apart from that, this best email marketing marketing site also provides free training and can check your email list to calculate rates based on the number of active emails. You can increase delivery to email contacts by paying 10 USD/month. Reachmail is already integrated with WordPress and Google Analytics.

9. MailChimp

MailChimp is the best email marketing site and the most used marketing tool for small businesses. This email marketing service can send up to 12,000 emails per month. Meanwhile, if you want to send more emails (unlimited), you can upgrade the service with a paid subscription of 20 USD per month.

Many businesses rely on MailChimp because it integrates with the following social media:

  • Google Analytics
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • WordPress
  • Magento
  • Salespeople
  • BigCommerce
  • Drupal
  • Mandrill
  • Zendesk

8. Send email

Send.email is the best email marketing site that comes from within the country. Its simple interface and low-cost subscription make send.email one of the best alternatives to email marketing tools.

In addition to providing email marketing, send.email also provides a landing page feature that will make it easier for you to create certain promotions.

7. Elite Email

Elite email ranks fourth as the best email marketing site targeted at small businesses, nonprofits, and enterprises, and can be used for free to send to 500 email contacts.

Meanwhile, the intensity of delivery is not limited. The advantage of Elite Email is that it contains geographic reports of where potential buyers are located. This service displays interactive maps and is able to create unlimited segmentation.

6. Vertical Response

VerticalResponse has been established since 2001, so far it has recorded more than 1 million users. So it’s only natural that VerticalReponse is one of the best email marketing sites that allows you to reach potential customers via email and social media.

If you use the free service, you can send 1,000 to 4,000 emails each month.

There is also an unlimited email sending service available with a 22 USD per month subscription. Following are the advantages of VerticalResponse, namely an unlimited posting schedule to social media and the development of integration with the main CRM, namely:

  • • Salespeople
  • • SugarCRM
  • • ZohoCRM
  • • agile

5. Feshmail

The Freshmail tool is quite a popular service in the digital marketing world. Various features are provided at an affordable cost, especially for sending free email marketing that is not limited to up to 500 contacts.

The advantage of Freshmail is that it can create dynamic content and tracks, in addition, it creates barcodes for sending emails that can be tested in advance. So that makes Freshmail the best email marketing site that you can use.

4. Campayn

Best email marketing site Campayn is perfect for beginners with free service and competitive premium rates and capable of sending 20,000 emails to 500 email accounts.

The advantage of Campayn is a very complete contact management feature. So that users can embed forms through the website.

3. Crazy Mimi

Mad Mimi is the best email marketing site that provides simple email marketing creation services. No wonder Mad Mimi is widely used by digital marketing beginners.

In addition to carrying simplicity, Mad Mimi also provides a free service to send unlimited emails to 100 email contacts.

The advantage of Mad Mimi is that it is easy to use for novice businessmen, even though it is free, the email marketing features in this tool are very complete. However, you must provide your own template and there is no trial.

2. Sendin Blue

SendinBlue is the best email marketing site coming from France, and for now, the email marketing service provider SendinBlue has set up an office in North America.

SendinBlue is very effective for novice marketing, its services are also available in English, Italian, Spanish, French, Portuguese and German.

This tool provides a free service that allows sending as many as 9,000 emails per month to unlimited email users. If you want to send email to more than 40,000 contacts, you must upgrade with a subscription of 7.5 USD per month.

The advantages of SendinBlue are that there are quite a few email delivery services and, this tool also offers automatic sending of text messages.

This will certainly save time and benefit the user. Many startup businesses or small companies rely on email marketing using SendinBlue.

1. Mailerlite

Mailerlite is one of the best and cheapest email marketing sites, because of the tools it provides in email marketing with a simple look.

Not only that, Mailerlite is very friendly to use for marketing beginners and more practical.

For its free service, Mailerlite can send an unlimited number of emails to 1,000 account owners.

If you want to send email to more than 5,000 accounts, you can use this service for 6.66 USD per month. The advantages of Mailerlite are many, namely:

  • Easier to use
  • Has a drag and drop editor feature
  • Have a photo editor
  • Can do free trial
  • Equipped with autoresponder and form embed capabilities
  • Equipped with an iPad application so that iPhone users can easily use it
  • The monthly subscription fee is more affordable.

Those are the 10 best email marketing provider sites that you can use as references for use in your business.

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