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5 Best Email Marketing Software With Attractive Features, Complete With Pros & Cons

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5 Best Email Marketing Software With Attractive Features, Complete With Pros & Cons
5 Best Email Marketing Software With Attractive Features, Complete With Pros & Cons
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5 Best Email Marketing Software With Attractive Features, Complete With Pros & Cons

Surau.co – In addition to software such as social media, email marketing is also one of the alternative marketing channel email marketing software that is still quite reliable today.

Because, Email Can Be A Means For You To Personally Communicate With Users And Establish Good Relationships With Prospective Users.

In order for your efforts to run smoothly, here are a few choices of email marketing software to suit your needs.

Best Email Marketing Software List

5. Benchmark

If you’re focused on email marketing that’s simple and appealing to people with creative designs, then benchmarks are a good choice. There are several options provided, namely in the form of a free plan or free for 2,000 subscribers and 14 thousand emails per month. Then, there is also a paid plan, namely sending emails based on the amount. Costs Start From US$ 9.95 To US$ 11.95 Per Month.


This Email Marketing Software Has A User Friendly Display, Attractive Templates, Looks Clean, And Has Features To Send Videos. You Can Also Do Testing Or Experiment Making Emails And Checking Email Inboxes To See How Your Email Looks When Received On Various Devices And Browsers.


Although You Can Have Unlimited Contacts On The Free Version, But Those Contacts Must Come From People Who Sign Up On Your Benchmark Subscriber Form, Not Other Sources. In addition, Benchmark also only has limited customer support at the weekend, so not all client complaints can be resolved.

4. Reachmail

No less with benchmarks, Reachmail Email Marketing Software Also Has An Attractive Choice Of Free Plan Or Free For 5,000 Contacts And 15 Thousand Emails Per Month. There is also a paid plan with costs starting at US$ 10 per month for 7,500 contacts and 30 thousand emails per month.


No Requirements, Free Training And Customer Support. For an additional fee, Reachmail will check your email list to make sure the rates match your active email.


Custom Email Templates Only Available On Paid Version. Then, Although Integrated With Google Analytics And WordPress, Reachmail Is Not Integrated With Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

3. Mailchimp

Who Doesn’t Know This One Email Marketing Software? Popular Among Digital Marketers Because It’s Easy To Use. Mailchimp Is One Of The Most Used Software Or Tools By Small Businesses Based On Surveys Liked By Its Users.

The Package Options Provided Are Free Plans That Can Be Used For 2,000 Subscribers And Can Send 12 Thousand Emails Per Month. You Can Also Choose Paid Plans With Prices Starting From US$ 20 Per Month For Unlimited Emails.


Has Integration With WordPress, Twitter, Facebook, Magento, Salesforce, Zendesk, Bigcommerce, Drupal, Mandrill, And Google Analytics. Have Good Analytics, Easy-to-Read Reports With Complete Data.


Difficult To Customize Registration Form And Some Features Are Excluded In Free Version.

2. Verticalresponse

This Verticalresponse Email Marketing Software Allows You To Reach Customers And Prospects Through Email, Social Media, Internet Networks, And So On.

You Can Choose Free Plan Or Free Up To 1,000 Contacts And 4,000 Emails Per Month. Then, There Is Also A Paid Plan Starting From US$ 22 Per Month For Unlimited Emails.

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Social Media Scheduling For Unlimited Posts On Facebook And Twitter. Then there is the development of integration with many major CRMs such as Salesforce, Sugarcrm, Zohocrm, Nimble, and others.


There are no automation features such as auto-responders or emails sent automatically at certain times. Verticalresponse users may lose subscribers, because the data will be deleted every time someone stops subscribing.

1. Elite Email

This Email Marketing Software Has A User-Friendly Appearance And Is Widely Used In Various Companies And Non-Profit Organizations. The reason is, Elite Email Targets are Small Businesses, Corporate Organizations, and Non-Profit Organizations.

If you intend to try it, you can choose a free plan or free for 500 contacts with unlimited email sending. You Can Also Try Paid Plans, With Prices Starting From US $ 15 Per Month For 500 Contacts And The Rest.


Geographic Reports Tell Customer Locations Through Interactive Maps. Besides, You Can Send Emails And Create Unlimited Segmentation.


There Is No Mobile Application For Sending Emails And It Has No Basic Automation Features Like Test Or Test Email.

Those are some email marketing software that you can choose according to your needs and business. Not Just Knowing What Tools You Need To Use, You Also Need To Know How To Create Effective Email Marketing. For example by paying attention to some of the things below.

  • Define Your Goals for Creating Email Marketing.
  • Determine The Type Of Email Marketing That Matches What You Want To Convey.
  • Create Email Marketing With Personal And Language Style That Suits The Character Of The Company.
  • Ensure that the Email Display is Mobile Friendly.

In addition to some of the things above, to be more complete you can see some tips for making effective email marketing here.

So, Which is Your Favorite Software For Email Marketing? Basically, all have their own advantages and disadvantages, depending on your goals and targets. Good luck!

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