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5 Quality Email Marketing Templates For Your Digital Business

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5 Quality Email Marketing Templates For Your Digital Business
5 Quality Email Marketing Templates For Your Digital Business

Surau.co – When implementing digital marketing with the email marketing templates strategy method, there are many ways of promotion that you can choose. One that is popularly used by business people is a newsletter. You can try the same method, but you must pay attention to the quality of the type of email marketing template used.

In this article, you can find out simple steps to implement an internet marketing business using email. You can even use premium email marketing formats. Besides being easy, the feedback you get is even better.

Benefits of Email Marketing Templates Free in Digital Business

When choosing internet marketing strategies using newsletters, you need to create attractive email displays and send them to subscribers consistently. In this sense, email needs to be sent on a scheduled basis (not every day and every time) so as not to disturb the customer’s convenience and cause your promotional email to be detected as spam.

An attractive free email marketing display, of course, needs to be well designed. Why should it be interesting? Of course, in order for subscribers to receive marketing emails from your business, you need something that can invite them to open your email, and even read it to the end.

The next possibility, they will decide to make a purchase transaction if the contents of your email managed to influence them. This is great for generating a return on investment in your business.

If you have trouble designing and compiling email templates, you can use newsletter templates that are widely available on the internet and you can download, both free and paid. Here are 5 sites to download quality email marketing templates for your newsletter.

Here are a few choices of free and paid email marketing templates for newsletters that you can try.

1. Free Email Marketing at Email on Acid

If you don’t think it fits the previous file format, you can download an email marketing template for free at Email On Acid. The design format is very responsive and mobile friendly.

Email On Acid provides 3 layouts with different types. Two of them can adjust the size to the mobile or smartphone screen display of your customers. While one other display format can be mixed and matched according to your design needs.

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2. Email Marketing Templates at HubSpot (Free and Paid)

HubSpot is a company that provides the tools needed to run a digital marketing strategist. There are many software that you can use, including for successful email marketing templates an using newsletters.

Hubspot provides many cool and interesting templates according to the desired topic. You can use the file format for free or for a fee. The cheapest price for email marketing templates starts at $0 or free. It’s easy to use. You only need to integrate it directly into your marketing company’s website without the need to set HTML or CSS.

3. Premium Templates for Newsletters at Template Monster

In running a website marketing company, you need premium email marketing to make it look more professional. For that, you can try Monster Template. Prices for email marketing file formats here range from $11 to $20 per template.

The advantage of marketing using premium email is that it’s a neat and easy-to-use, simple, and customizable design. In addition, this one newsletter format is suitable for those of you who have many Yahoo and Google Mail email users.

4. Email Marketing Templates on THEMEZY

On Themezy, you can download email marketing which is equipped with 16 sources of PSD, HTML, and CSS. All of these files you can use for free and tailored to your needs. Not only that, there are other interesting things in Themezy.

You are not required to register your email address to use all the email templates available here. You can even use the various layouts and color schemes available.

That said, Themezy is very easy to use and responsive so that it can help expedite the implementation of your digital marketing strategy.

5. Free and Responsive Newsletter Template from Antwort on GitHub

The last site to do email marketing templates is GitHub. Here is a newsletter file format called Antwort. There are 3 layout options that you can consider using in your business. There are 3 columns, 2 columns, and single columns.

Antwort’s email marketing design is very minimalistic and you can customize it as you wish. In addition, the newsletter template from Antwort is perfect for subscribers who use Yahoo Mail, Google Mail, Outlook, and AOL. Meanwhile, the mobile version is also compatible with the email application embedded on Android and iOS.

These are some sites that provide quality email marketing templates, which you can download for free or for a fee. Hopefully it can help you to maximize your digital marketing strategy through electronic mail media.

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