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6 Best Email Marketing Platform Comparison

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6 Best Email Marketing Platform Comparison
6 Best Email Marketing Platform Comparison

Surau.co – Comparison of the best email marketing platform is always needed for business people, especially those related to e-commerce.

Why that is, the reason is none other than because as an e-commerce store owner, you already know the power of email marketing. But with so much competition in the industry, so you need to ensure the best and most suitable email marketing platform for your business.

When it comes to the best email marketing platform, it can be said to be difficult and easy, because all email marketing platforms and strategies have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Moreover, finding the time to compare all platforms can be tricky, so in the end, you will want to choose the solution that best suits your business, helps you achieve your goals, and includes easy integration with your favorite e-commerce platforms.

This time, we’ll go over some comparisons of the most popular email marketing platforms for your business to consider, as well as some of the best email marketing tools.

To help you analyze better, we’ll compare email marketing services so you can see which one best fits your needs.

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List of Best Email Marketing Platform

1. Kevy

Kevy is an email marketing platform that helps you personalize your marketing to convert visitors into customers.

As you know, Kevy realizes that email marketing is very powerful. However, online retailers need additional tools that are not included in traditional or expensive email marketing platforms.

Key features include dynamic lists, transaction recovery carts and emails, custom popup bids, behavior-based triggers, and revenue tracking.

Prices start at $250/month for up to 8,000 subscribers and unlimited emails.

2. Aweber

AWeber allows you to create beautiful, professional looking newsletters with powerful email marketing tools.

With strong targeting that allows you to narrow your list to people who went to a specific product page, clicked on a specific link in an email, or purchased and spent a certain amount.

This email marketing platform has more than 700 templates to match your store look and start automating your email marketing.

Prices start at $19/month for up to 500 subscribers and unlimited emails.

3. Emma

With Emma, ​​you get access to a world-class email service provider that ensures two-way synchronization of your customer data, smart segmentation tools and powerful analytics.

Key features include drag-and-drop design tools, built-in temp templates, autoresponders, and smart features like A/B/C subject line testing. In addition, Emma offers a 99.2% delivery rate. thanks for years of building relationships with all major ISPs. Prices start at $89/mo for up to 10,000 subscribers.

4. Drops

Drops is not your typical email marketing software. As the name implies, its main purpose is to get up and running automated emails. Predefined emails will be sent on a schedule if certain conditions are met.

What really sets Drip apart from the rest is the visual functionality of the campaign builder. With the visual campaign builder, people with no development experience can manage all kinds of conditions, triggers, and events in an easy-to-understand visual way.

This becomes one of its own advantages when you use this email marketing platform perfectly to nurture your leads, increase sales of existing users, and much more.

Prices start at $1/month for up to 100 subscribers and unlimited emails.

5. EmailOctopus

While EmailOctopus doesn’t have good integration with Shopify for example, or an impressive list of features, it does have advantages that ensure mention on this list.

It is based on Amazon’s powerful simple email service, which makes it the cheapest solution mentioned in this post. Perfect for those outreach campaigns, when you email every subscriber on your list.

It might become one of the email marketing platforms Consider this service if you are satisfied with the basics: simple analytics and subscriber list management.

Prices start at $0/month (excluding Amazon fees) for up to 1,000 subscribers and unlimited emails.

6. Campaign monitoring

Campaign Monitor is also an email marketing platform that allows you to send emails that your subscribers can’t ignore.

Not only is it easy to use, but it uses automated email marketing and automation for fast growing companies.

Campaign Monitor provides ready-to-use custom pre-built segments, including newsletter subscriptions, high spenders, new subscribers, and repeat subscribers.

With strong targeting like this and zero setup time, you can start sending relevant campaigns in no time. Prices start at $9/month for up to 500 subscribers and 2,500 emails.

Those are some email marketing platforms that might be used as an initial consideration before making your business choice. But this is only part of it, because out there there are still many of the best email marketing platforms that might be no less interesting for you to try.

For that, look forward to discussing the next best email marketing platform only on Surau.co.

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