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Understand Email Marketing for Ecommerce & 4 Tips to Get Started

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Understand Email Marketing for Ecommerce & 4 Tips to Get Started
Understand Email Marketing for Ecommerce & 4 Tips to Get Started

Surau.co – Email marketing for ecommerce is a powerful and effective marketing strategy to promote products from your online shop to existing or potential customers.

Email is the most common means of digital communication used today, including e-commerce. However, what exactly is e-commerce email?

What is email marketing for ecommerce?

Email marketing for ecommerce is currently actively doing digital marketing to all its users, including via email. E-commerce email marketing is an email sent by e-commerce for the purposes of ads, sales, upselling, etc. E-commerce really needs email, because email marketing can reach many potential recipients.

Email marketing for ecommerce, as the name suggests, is a powerful marketing strategy that relies on email to promote online shop products and services to potential and existing customers. Email is a very popular form of online communication, making it effective, efficient, affordable and profitable.

Email marketing for ecommerce is as easy as sending an email to a customer who adds an item to their cart but leaves the cart without buying it, linking multiple campaigns to increase sales. How do you use your email marketing campaign to the fullest by leveraging e-commerce user activity.

It depends on your business goals, marketing goals, target audience, business growth and more. The bottom line is that email marketing is all about cultivating and building trust, strong and ongoing relationships with your customers. Therefore e-commerce email marketing can be very important for you to use in the sales process in e-commerce.

Your email affects how customers feel about your brand when shopping online or offline from your store. Therefore, you need to attract subscribers and maintain your email strategy. Or you could lose subscribers because your competitors have a more powerful email strategy.

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Example of Email Marketing for Ecommerce

Here’s an example of email marketing for ecommerce that you can use.

User Onboarding

Welcome emails are a great way to show new customers how you feel about them. There is only one chance to make a positive first impression. Therefore, you need to think of ways to get the reader’s attention by creating an attractive and effective welcome email.

Lead Nurturing

It is very important to keep leads generated and work towards converting them into loyal customers. One of the best ways to do this is by providing the educational content you need throughout your life cycle. Find out why prospects left and support them when they needed it most.

Mailing List Segmentation

Mailing list segmentation is an important strategy for giving your clients and prospects a more personalized approach. All users are different and have different interests. You need to know your clients and group them according to their needs and preferences. Then, you can create a more customized email for each client group.

Re-engaging Passive Users

You can opt for this email marketing strategy when your customers lose interest in your services or products. By sending this type of email, you can grab your customers’ attention and invite them to your website for the latest discounts and seasonal offers.

Cross Selling

Cross selling is an email that can get visitors to buy more products from your brand. You can provide product offers that can complement their orders. Offer items that are very relevant to the product they choose.


Upselling mail is perfect for your e-commerce business. After a customer places an order or purchases, you can offer some new, more expensive options or another model with advanced features.

Email Marketing for Ecommerce Tips

1. Create Segmentation

The first way to create email marketing for ecommerce is to get potential customers interested in what you are selling. Otherwise, they won’t sign up paying more attention to you.

So, you have to make sure that you don’t waste this golden opportunity to impress them with what you have to offer.

A perfect email that will be sent to potential customers indirectly should do promotions smoothly and make attractive offers so that they click and buy your product.

If you look at the examples below, you can see that they’ve used attractive offers and created a sense of urgency by listing the offer’s deadline. This will encourage people to buy, because they don’t want to miss the promo.

When attracting customers, you have to remember that these people have already bought something from you. You’ll have a little more freedom to be creative and post content that customers can learn from and use.

2. Make Email more responsive on all devices

The second way when you want to create email marketing for ecommerce is to create email that is responsive on all devices.

These days, it’s multi-device and if you’re not ready to be more responsive, you’re missing out on your sales targets.

In fact, a recent IBM study found that 9.1 percent of all online sales during the holidays were made using smartphones. If you want to make more sales, then you need to adapt to the multi-device world. Because, you will only delay the wishes and work of others if your email is not formatted properly on your mobile device.

How to create responsive emails?

Some of the best email platforms will offer you responsive templates. This is to ensure you are sending the right message.

3. Create Awesome Email Subjects

Care to build email marketing for ecommerce is to create an awesome and memorable email subject to each of your customers.

We all know that first impressions have a big impact on something. The subject of your email is that first impression. This can be the difference between an email which has a high open rate and a low open rate. In addition, it can also let people know which ones catch their attention and which ones end up in the trash. So you should really consider what message you want to place in the email.

How to create an awesome email subject?

First, make the email subject short. In the world of marketing, things move pretty fast and people don’t have time to decipher whether they should open your message or not. They want to immediately understand what you have to offer. Short email subjects are also important when you view them on a smartphone. Many devices will truncate the content of a message due to size limitations.

Next, try to stand out more. When checking your email inbox, you may find a ton of promotional emails that you won’t open because the subject of the next email is the same. Try to grab people’s attention with an unobtrusive email subject. Show off and highlight your brand personality!

The next suggestion is, Do a test of your two email subject choices. This will really help your email open rate. The one email that gets the higher open rate will win, and will then be sent to your entire database. Smart and simple!

4. Stay Personal

The last way when you want to build email marketing for ecommerce is to create a tool that remains professional.

If you want your product sales to increase, you have to serve your customers well. You need to know exactly who your customers are, by sending them an email containing what they want to buy.

A good Customer Relationship Management (CRM) can help you stay aware of who your customers are, know what they want, and that will go a long way toward running an effective marketing campaign.

For example, here is a great personalized marketing technique from Amazon. They keep records of what their customers see. If the person doesn’t buy, Amazon will send you an email with a similar recommendation.

In an online shopping, sometimes people will put what they want to buy into the cart (cart). Then, just let it go without buying and that can make you frustrated. A great thing about email marketing for ecommerce is that when someone leaves something in their cart, you can lure them back with a great message and offer.

That’s the understanding of email marketing for e-commerce and also 4 tips to get started. Of course, email marketing for e-commerce is not the only way to increase sales of your product or business, but at least this can be a reference for you to increase your income.

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