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How Much Advertising on Google Cost – Updated

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How Much Advertising on Google Cost
How Much Advertising on Google Cost

How much advertising on Google cost – Your business won’t run on its own. As the business owner, it is important to plan and decide on the marketing strategy. One of the best platforms to run your ads is Google.

In this article, you will find information about how much advertising on Google cost and some best ads examples. So, is Google an affordable way to introduce your brand or business to the world? Check out the explanation below.

How Much Google Charge for Ads

The exact answer is always “depends”. Various factors will affect how much money you will spend on putting ads on Google.

However, according to some resources, small-to-midsize businesses will spend at least USD 9,000 per month by using Google AdSense. Meanwhile, the cost per click will range USD 1 and USD 2 for the Google Search Network.

If you advertise on the Google Display Network, the cost would be less than USD 1 per click. When it comes to “what does Google advertising cost” the total amount mentioned above might not be affordable for everyone.

However, if you break it down, you will be amazed with how much you can earn. This is why Google Ads is excellent for small business things – as long as you know what to do and what strategy you should apply.

What Affects Google Ads Cost per Month

Basically, several factors may affect how much ads cost on Google, whether it is per click, per month, or per impression. You may have a rough image of how much you will spend for using Google by the amount mentioned earlier.

Yet, checking out this list of factors that affect how much advertising on Google cost, you will get a clearer image then.

1. Type of the Ads

Generally, there are several types of Google Ads. Even though it seems like a matter of type, it actually affects your budget. This won’t necessarily change the cost of Google ads cost per click but you better pay attention to it. The ad types are including:

  • Shopping ads – this one is mostly free but can be pretty costly depending on what you sell.
  • Search ads – this ad is the most popular and comes with the highest amount of cost-per-click (CPC).
  • Display network ads – you can use this method, considering how cheap it costs. Yet, it’s the least effective ad among others.

2. Timing

Another thing that may affect the budget you should prepare for how much advertising on Google cost is the timing or schedule to run your ads. It is similar to installments of offline ads.

If many users want to advertise their businesses at the same time, the line is pretty tight, right? Thus, it also makes the cost get higher.

On the other hand, what is the point of running an ad when no one won’t see? It will be such a waste. So, you better consider this point thoroughly before coming to any decision.

3. Targeting

Let’s forget about ads per impression or per click for a while. When you are running a digital marketing strategy, you will target specific keywords and also devices, right? Well, those things will affect how much you should pay for advertising on Google.

Generally, some keywords cost more if you want to target specific devices. For instance, B2B keywords are often more expensive if you target desktop users.

4. Bidding

When it comes to how much advertising on Google cost, your bidding strategy obviously contributes to the amount you should prepare. There are eight types of smart bidding strategies for putting ads on Google.

You should learn about each type and decide which strategy suits your brand. Otherwise, it will be such a waste, considering it may appear costly.

5. The Industry

So, how much does it cost to advertise through Google? You have read that it starts at USD 9,000 for a small-sized business. Yet, everything is just an estimation.

One of the biggest contributors on the amount of money you should pay for the ads is the industry – one industry is obviously more competitive than others, after all. The higher competition means the better-valued clicks it would be. On the other hand, the cost gets more expensive too.

The most popular fields are finance, gambling, insurance, and law. Those industries are well-known for their high CPCs – you may find a keyword costs more than USD 100 per click in those industries.

Even though the number seems a bit daunting, it tends to generate a great amount of income once they convert. On the other hand, you can do nothing if you have to compete in those business fields. That is why using PPC for advertising on Google is always your call.

So, you may now have some ideas on the amount of budget you should prepare. Some websites even provide an ads calculator to help you get a rough estimation.

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How Much Advertising on Google Cost – The Pricing

Knowing the rough estimation of how much advertising on Google cost might not be satisfying enough for you. But keep in mind that the amount is varied, considering Google Ads is a customizable platform.

Google ad auction will use your Quality Score. This score suggests the relevancy of your ads, landing page, and track record of your performance. On the other hand, your bid will generate the Ad Rank. This rank will determine where the ad will be placed and how much you should spend for ads per click.

Final Thought

You better consider AdSense as one of your strategies to share your business with the world. People rely on Google anytime they need anything, which is a good place for all business owners. Besides, the ads cost per click will be worth your dollars in many ways. All in all, Google is still and will always be the best place to market your business. Using paid campaigns is not a free solution but you will get a sweet result in the first place. And this is everything you need to know about how much advertising on Google cost.

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