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Email Marketing Google Workspace Indonesia & 7 Advantages That You Will Get

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Email Marketing Google Workspace Indonesia & 7 Advantages That You Will Get
Email Marketing Google Workspace Indonesia & 7 Advantages That You Will Get

Surau.co – Email marketing Google Workspace serves Google Workspace Indonesia subscriptions for companies, organizations, SMEs, SMEs and individuals. The coverage area that we serve reaches all of Indonesia.

We are here as an official reseller of Google Workspace Indonesia who has been trusted by many companies from various types of business fields, both government and private.

About Google Workspace

Google Workspace contains applications that support productivity, whether it’s for work in the office, working from home (wfh), in the field, using a desktop or mobile gadget.

With email marketing Google Workspace will help us in creating, communicating and collaborating in completing daily tasks through well-known applications such as Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Meet, Forms, and many more.

1. Gmail

Powerful email for your business with a customized address

2. Calendar

Organize all activities, schedules, meetings with various features here

3. Drive

Easy-to-manage storage space alone or together

4. Office Documents

Ease of creating and editing documents together in realtime

5. Google Meet

Safe and reliable Video Meeting designed for all businesses.

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Google Workspace has several advantages including the following:

  • Email address with business/own domain.
  • Contains useful applications to help work everyday, both at home and in the office, either alone or collaborating together, all online and realtime.
  • Features and technologies are constantly being developed.
  • It provides a large storage capacity, starting from 30GB.
  • Guaranteed 99.9% service availability.
  • Security guarantee from Google.
  • Admin panel to manage user, security and others.

By using email marketing Google Workspace you will get the following application packages:

Google Workspace Indonesia Price

For the Google Workspace Indonesia package, there are various options that are tailored to your needs at a lower price. Starting from packages for businesses, namely Business Starter, Business Standard and Business Plus, which have a maximum number of 300 users, to enterprise groups, namely Enterprise Standard and Enterprise Plus with more users. For storage capacity is also provided very large.

Email marketing Google Workspace Indonesia prices are always available in rupiah. For the standard Business starter and Business plans, this introductory price is only available to the first 20 users for 12 months. Standard pricing will apply to all users after 12 months.

Payments are made without a credit card by bank transfer to our account through BCA/BNI banks. Google Workspace Indonesia payments without a BCA transfer credit card

1. How is G Suite different from Google Workspace

Google Workspace is the new name for G Suite. There are some big changes here:

  • Products that are more integrated with each other to make daily work easier
  • A new identity that matches the vision of this product
  • Changes to the packages offered to better suit your needs

2. How to subscribe?

To subscribe please chat with us or fill out the form at this link


3. What makes it different from the free version

  • What distinguishes it from free applications include:
  • domain-customizable and ad-free email
  • Capacity, which is free is only 15GB
  • support from us and Google
  • manage other users (data recovery, reset password, delete user etc.)

4. Will my data be lost when I move my subscription from Google or other places to kreasimaya?

No data is lost. All data, users, and settings are not lost or changed when moving/transferring from Google or other places to us. All users can work as usual without feeling any changes. Because in principle what is transferred is only Email marketing Google Workspace billing from the old place to us as an official reseller in Indonesia.

5. Do you need hosting to subscribe?

To use all the features of Google Workspace, no hosting required, just a domain name. Even if you want to create a website, Google Workspace already provides a website application called Sites.

6. Google Workspace requires a domain, is it provided?

That’s right, one of the conditions for G Suite/Google workspace is to have a domain, because this is what makes it different from the regular (free) one. Domains can basically be purchased/registered anywhere, including we also provide. If registered at kreasimaya, we will simultaneously set up so that email marketing Google Workspace is ready to use.

7. How much does a current Google Workspace subscription cost?

The following is the email marketing Google Workspace subscription fee in Indonesia, please contact us for the cost/price in rupiah.

  • Google Workspace Business Starter: USD 4.2 per user per month with 30GB capacity, Google meet 100 participants
  • Google Workspace Business Standard: USD 9.6 per user per month with 2TB capacity, Google meet 150 participants (record)
  • Google Workspace Business Plus: USD 16 per user per month with 5TB capacity, Google meet 250 participants (record)
  • For Business Starter and Standard, the price is valid for the first 20 users for 12 months.
  • Includes all G Suite apps: Gmail, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Photos, video conferencing with Google meet etc.
  • Prices are not VAT 10%

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